The Pool

History of The Pool

The Pool was formed in 1989 by original members Jason Norris who had placed an ad in the local paper looking for "Beatle Enthusiasts". "The Pool" name is a play on Liverpool.  ("The Pool" sounding much better than "The Liver".)   Michael Welch was the first person to answer the ad. After many failed attempts to find other musicians who shared their vision, Dave Cornwell answered the ad and soon became the third member. Michael then contacted Nick Honerkamp whom he had played with in the recent past to handle bass guitar and vocals. The final piece of the puzzle was original drummer Dave Olson (1989-90).

The core group of Welch, Honerkamp, and Cornwell have been together throughout the Pool's history. Jason left the group in 1996 and the Pool became a 4 piece band with Dave picking up keyboards. As of October 2019, Tom Lifsey was added to the band which will return them back to their five piece format again. Other members have included John Wilson - Drums (1991-2004) and Matt Turnure - Drums (2005-2010).

The band continues to play music from the original British invasion and beyond including British bands from the 60's, 70's and 80's.Through the years, the band has played shows all over the U.S.A. including Salt Lake City, St. Louis, Atlanta and many others. Current members include:

Michael Welch - Guitar/flute/harmonica/vocals
Dave Cornwell - Guitar/keyboards/vocals
Nick Honerkamp - Bass guitar/vocals
Monte Coulter III - Keyboards/drums/percussion/vocals
Tom Lifsey - Drums/percussion/flute