The Pool

Band Members

Michael Welch

Instruments played: Guitar, Flute & some Keys


Eyes: Brown -Sign: Virgo - Favorite Color: Blue  (Sorry girls – He’s married!)


After seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, I learned to play guitar on my Dad’s Silvertone F-Hole acoustic, which is now displayed in my living room.  (Thanks Dad for the inspiration & support!)  My first public performance was with my best friend, Mac Smotherman, at “The InnSoFar” coffee house in Chattanooga.  The audience applauded by finger snapping (Beatnik response) instead of clapping.  In high school, I played with “The Dead Past”, Chattanooga’s first folk rock band and first to have acoustic with a pick-up.


In 1970 I played with a band called “Help” (out of Sacramento, California).  Our common ground was Beatles and Moody Blues.  We came up with the idea of a concept album “Azitis” (now on website), which basically took the Bible and put it to rock music – from Creation to Judgment Day.  Our band was one of the very first Christian rock bands.


After coming back to Chattanooga in the mid 70’s, I started playing with “Overland Express”.  We traveled all over and played a lot of concerts, clubs & colleges and opened for a lot of my favorite acts.  The highlight was opening for and getting to meet & talk with one of my heroes, Carl Perkins.  Our band released two albums “Overland Express” & “Prisoner of the Streets”.


In the 80's I played a brief stint with Danny Shirley & also The Forrester Sisters.  I first met Nick Honerkamp & Dave Olsen while playing with a fun roots rock band called "The Detonators.


In 1989 I called on an ad in the paper that said “Wanted Beetles’ enthusiast”.  (Yes, Beetles was a misprint.)  This is when I met Jay Norris (original guitarist & keys with “The Pool”).   Dave Cornwell was the next to answer Jay’s ad.  I called Nick Honerkamp & Dave Olson and “The Pool” was formed. 

Dave Cornwell

Insrtuments played: Guitar/Keyboards/Mandolin


Born in Louisville, KY. Raised in Nashville, TN.  First got interested in music at age 4 (thanks to the Beatles and the magnus chord organ I received for Christmas in 1964). Joined school band in 5th grade and participated through 10th. Played trumpet and the euphonium. First picked up the bass at age 16 and guitar at age 18 (thanks to KISS and The Ramones). I wanted to play electric bass in concert band but that was frowned upon in those days so that's why I pulled the plug on my band career.

I was a member of various bands in Nashville from 1976 through 1982. Won a big battle of the bands in Nashville on October 20th,1979. Success at last! Gee, you can actually get paid for doing this? Last band (Oh Boy!) actually toured a bit, did some videos and original recordings. That band included my best buddy Curtis Cooper and Lew Jetton who is now quite well known with his most excellent blues band 61 South. Moved to Chattanooga in 1984. It took five years to find Michael and Jay. The three of us formed The Pool in 1989 with me as guitarist/vocalist. I remember seeing Mr. Welch when he was with Overland Express when they played at MTSU back in 1978. Then again in 1987 when he was a member of The Detonators. I guess this guy was just meant to be a part of my musical odyssey.  

When not busy with the band, currently teaches guitar/bass/mandolin/ukulele at Judah Music in Chattanooga.

It's been a great 30+ years. . . and the journey continues.

Nick Honerkamp

Nick Honerkamp (bass, vocals, tight jeans) began playing British Invasion at the tender age of 14 in Jacksonville, Florida, shortly after watching the Beatles perform in the Gator Bowl during the last remnants of Hurricane Dora.

Over the years (well, actually decades) he’s played in a variety of other genres and formats, including a soul band with real horns (!), an electric bluegrass band, various and sundry semi-acoustic duos and trios, and even (shudder) a single disco gig at a Holiday Inn.

He joined the Pool thirty years ago and has been holding down the low end with his 1965 Fender P bass ever since. Besides backing Chip Hawkes of the Tremeloes, his most memorable concerts with the Pool include a legendary performance of the Who’s entire Tommy opera, and, combining music with his other life, playing for the after-banquet dance for the Society for Historical Archaeology conferences in Atlanta, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, Amelia Island, Macon, and Williamsburg.

Monte Coulter

Instruments played : Drums & Percussion

Chattannoga native Monte Coulter is a disgustingly versatile musician, because he has been unable to figure out what to do with his life. Earliest performances were as the drummer for the Chattanooga garage band The Worms! (No kidding)  Then a temporary loss of his musical compass while in college caused him to veer into the classical and symphonic genres and by age 28, he had served as timpanist and principal percussionist with three of the four largest orchestras in Tennessee, was a well known clinician on keyboard percussion instruments throughout the Southeastern U.S., and the Director of Percussion Studies at U.T.C. He has performed live on stage with Michael McDonald, Randy Newman, Al Jarreau, Art Garfunkel, E.L.O., Roberta Flack, George Benson, The Moody Blues and has appeared in concert with Chattanooga artists Michelle Young, The Impressions, Skydog, No Big Deal, and most recently The Pool with whom he is content to perform for the attention of the women Nick discards.

Monte is an artist/clinician for Kori Marimbas and xylophones. He also performs on Bosphorus cymbals. He lives in Harrison with his wife, dancer/choreographer Monica Coulter and son Monte IV.